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      Stitch Carpet Repair Cedar Park is here to help you with all your carpet patching and stretching needs. When you contact Stitch, you speak directly with Sam, your carpet repair expert. I have over 30+ years of experience in just carpet alone. You only deal with me and never have to deal with any outside contractors. I use the latest available equipment to ensure my customers get the best possible results. I have many photos of projects below or look at my past projects in before and after photos (100+ photos). ALL images are of work performed by Sam.

Cedar Park Carpet Stretching

Cedar Park Carpet Stretching

     Loose carpeting is a common problem in Cedar Park. If your carpet has become unsightly with buckling, wrinkles, and or waves, I can remove those with my carpet stretching service. The process of restretching is detaching the carpet from the tack strip. Then stretch from one end of the room to the other, reattach to the tack strip, then cut off the excess carpet, making a much tighter stretch. And most importantly, A power stretcher is always used for stretching. For more information, please visit the carpet stretching page or call Sam at 512-800-0917

Cedar Park Carpet Patching

Cedar Park Carpet Patching

     The residents of Cedar Park love their pets; unfortunately, they love to destroy the carpet. Don’t worry, but Stitch Carpet Repair can quickly fix this with my carpet patch service. Pet damage repair is just one of my many services. Other common carpet repairs are holes, stains, burns, and fraying edges at transitions. I’m able to patch them all. A carpet patch is cutting out the damaged area and replacing it with a suitable donor piece. The donor piece can come from the leftover carpet from the original installation or a closet, and remember, I also fix bad repairs. For more information on patching, please visit the carpet patching page or call Sam at 512-800-0917

Cedar Park Carpet Repair

     I’ll be more than happy to do small carpet repairs. And whether it’s a stain or burn the size of a dime or something much more significant. I’ll be more than happy to care for your carpet repair needs.

     I’m the Cedar Park carpet repair expert for Berber carpets, and I have repaired all types and styles of Berber over the years. Berber can be one of the most challenging products to work with and requires great care and skill for the repair to look good. Some Berbers have patterns. It is essential to line up the patterns, giving the repair a natural look.

     If the carpet has come away from the threshold or the wall, I can repair this. Many things cause this problem. Someone pulled it back. It had just worn out, or the tack strip had broken free from the floor. And in some cases, tack strip or Z-bar will need replacing, or worn-out carpet may need stretching or a patch.

Home Remodeling Projects Carpet Repairs

     Residents in Cedar Park have been doing a lot of home remodeling. Are you planning to remodel or have a project involving pulling back, cutting, or removing the carpet? Feel free to call your Cedar Park carpet repair pro. I’ll be happy to advise how to do this without doing too much damage (Advice is free), or we can set up an appointment to have this done. Ripping up carpet can shred the backing, destroy transitions, corners, pull seams apart, and snag Berber. Therefore, taking just a bit more care and time when cutting and pulling back the carpet will make it look better when it is back together. Not to mention this could save you money.

     Never just cut into the carpet if you plan on putting it back together. Use a row cutter to cut the carpet to reduce damage to naps or loops. And, if you don’t have a row cutter, cut with a slotted double-edge carpet knife with a new blade. Above all, Cut as straight as possible. A clean-cut will make a much cleaner and better-looking carpet transition to your newly installed flooring. If you replace the old carpet in one area with new flooring, leaving extra carpet at the doorways 2 to 3 inches is good.

Carpet Cleaning and Flooring Installation

     If you’re planning to have, your carpets cleaned. I recommend having this done after the repair. I recommend looking for a certified cleaner in the Cedar Park area on the IICRC Locator (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification). If you’re looking for a flooring installer, I recommend a certified installer on CFI’s Find an Installer (International Certified Flooring Installers Association).

Call & speak directly to your repair specialist Sam for a free phone quote on your carpet repair cost. No Middle Men!


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(ALL Photos are of work performed by Sam of Stitch Carpet Repair)

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